Oak House Vocational Academy caters to children with special needs for whom placement in a mainstream, remedial or academic environment isn’t suitable. The aim is to facilitate a smooth transition from adolescence to adulthood for learners between the ages of 13 and 18. The program focuses on vocational, functional and life skills and facilitates a student’s journey towards functional incorporation into society.  

why choose us?

The unique Academy model is based on international best practice principles and has the backing and support of Glenoaks School, a progressive and proud establishment with 40 years’ experience in remedial and special needs support.

our ethos

The Academy is a nurturing environment where the focus is on a child’s abilities rather than their challenges. This shift in mind-set towards the education of children with special needs goes a long way to creating a space where students can thrive and be successful in their own right. 

More Information

Curriculum and Work Experience

The curriculum includes an academic element, a life skills component, vocational exposure & training and eventually work experience placements. 


Enrolment Documents available on the Website need to be completed for a successful learner intake procedure 


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