February Newsletter

February Newsletter

22 February 2018

February Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Can you believe that we are all already looking ahead to our half-term break! Our classes and therapy rooms have been buzzing with everyone settled and working really hard.

Last week we enjoyed a fantastic Valentine’s celebration! The Oak House Market was a great opportunity for the children to showcase what they had produced in their vocational lessons, and the Glenoaks children were amazing in their support. The school was alive with the bright colours of love and friendship.

The movie evening and our restaurant were a booming successes and fun was had by all. To the staff, Anderson family and academy students, thank you for your efforts and time. To the parents who supported these fundraisers – we are very grateful. Without the support of you all, this success would not have been possible. Please check out our Facebook page for some photographs of this fun-filled day!

Website and Emails

On another exciting note, our websites are finally up and running! Please visit them at www.glenoaks.org.za and www.oakhouse.org.za and also like us on Facebook. In addition to the basic information, our event calendar for the year, newsletters and updates can be found on these sites.

Please also note that staff can be contacted via their Glenoaks emails. The structure of these addresses are: first letter of name, surname and then @glenoaks.org.za or @oakhouse.org.za. For example my email address is kcaldeira@glenoaks.org.za. Our general email address is info@glenoaks.org.za or info@oakhouse.org.za. Please feel free to ask your child’s therapists and teachers for their email addresses as another form of communication. If there is an emergency or note for your child, rather please contact your teacher telephonically or through Caroline, as emails may only be checked at the end of a day.

Important Dates

Individual school photographs will be taken for Academy students on Monday 26th February, and for Glenoaks on Wednesday 28 February. Please note that class photos will only follow later in the year.

Grade 4 re-assessments will take place between 27 February and 9 March. Grade 4 parents please sign and return the consent form attached.

Reminders that we break up for mid-term on Thursday 1 March at 12:00 and return to school on Tuesday 6th March. Please note that aftercare will still run on Thursday until 5:30 should you be unable to collect your child by 12:30.


I am currently looking at various supplier options for school tracksuits and branded shirts for winter. You will be informed in this regard as soon as decisions are finalized.


Please note that for security reasons, the pedestrian entrance gate on Somerset Road is now locked from 7:55 to 13:00. If you arrive at the school during these times, please use the main reception pedestrian gate at 72 Roberts Avenue.

If you are late for school please accompany your child into Caroline’s office and sign the late register. This allows us to update registers completed first thing in the morning.

Classrooms and therapy rooms will also be locked when staff leave, and our maintenance teams have been instructed not to open up for children or parents after this time. Please understand that this is for the safety of your children. If books or property is left in class, you can contact your teacher who can assist you and ensure that your child collects their items the following school day.

Holiday Club

After much careful consideration and discussion, unfortunately the holiday club will no longer be offered at Glenoaks School. We do understand the needs of parents who have few options during holiday periods, and for this reason we will assist you in this regard by providing contacts of companies who offer these services.

www.sherpakids.co.za is one such company who runs holiday clubs at various locations throughout Johannesburg. Debbie van Zyl is a Glenoaks mom who runs Sherpakids near to Glenoaks. Please contact her on 082 908 1202, at joburgeast@sherpakids.co.za or bryanston@sherpakids.co.za for further information.

Experi-Buddies have a slot open on Tuesdays from 14:00 to 15:00, and have offered to come and offer an Extra-mural at Glenoaks at that time. Please see the pamphlet attached, and complete and send back to school should you be interested in your child attending.

Computers at Glenoaks and Oak House

We are excited to announce that our school has signed up with Knowledge Network to provide your child with computer lessons aimed at building creativity, lateral thinking, concentration, logic, problem solving and coping skills all in an attempt to build IT skill. These well-developed programs and lesson plans have been running at various schools for a number of years and Miss Thyssen is so excited to be implementing the system with our children. You will receive further information with regards to the system after half-term. This week already our classes have been learning keyboard orientation through various games and are having great fun drawing using Microsoft Paint. We look forward to growing IT skills at Glenoaks!

Wishing you all a fantastic rest of the week and a restful weekend with your children.

Yours Faithfully,

Mrs. Caldeira