Meet The Team

We have a dedicated staff at Oak House Vocational Academy comprised of professional educators, therapists and support staff who are committed and passionate. We work as a holistic team to provide optimal and differentiated learning opportunities and support for our learners to develop the appropriate skills, attitudes and values to become functional members of society.

Get acquainted with our staff:


Kerry Caldeira

Heads of Departments

Chief Executive Officer
Vocational Academy
Job coach & Work Experience Teacher
Julia Wood

Chief Operations Officer
Vocational Academy

Year 1 Teacher
AET Teacher
Ivan Leo

Teaching Staff

Induction Class Teacher
Tannon Wessels

Year 2 Teacher
Nicola Da Silva

Hospitality Teacher
Bronwynn Wessels

Enterprise Teacher
Cary Leo

Occupational Therapist
Year 1 Functional Skills Teacher
Jody Edinburgh

Woodcraft Teacher
Arlene Wilkinson

AET Teacher
Rene Thyssen

Classroom Assistant & Housekeeping

Art Teacher
Sandy Greef

Drumming Teacher
Bonnie Phillips

Administrative Staff

Caroline Jonker

Financial Administrator
Jackie Mills

Maintenance Staff

Sipho Lunga

Milford Ndlovu

Kossam Ndebele