Dear Prospective Parent,

Oak House Vocational Academy opened their doors in 2015 based on ever increasing needs for an environment for older students to be educated according to their special needs, and then given the opportunity to be integrated into the working world as adults who are as independent, as individually possible.

At Oak House Vocational Academy our curriculum includes academic subjects (accredited AET Mathematical Literacy and Communication in English), functional subjects (life skills, world knowledge, computer skills, home management) and vocational subjects (currently hospitality, enterprise, gardening, woodcraft and administrative skills). Subjects are taught practically using integrative and dynamic methods, and IEP’s are developed and tailored to meet the needs and strengths of each individual learner.

Through exposing our students to different vocational subjects over their initial years, we are able to assess each student’s strengths and interests, and based on this, the students are provided an opportunity to experience the world of work from year 2 or 3, while being enrolled at Oak House Vocational Academy. This experience enhances their employability and increases their chances of placement into permanent employment once they have graduated.

To prepare our students for the workplace, the Academy is run on work and office protocols. Board Meetings and termly Performance Appraisal Meetings, with self-appraisal and goal setting are important aspects of this process.

Oak House Vocational Academy has 6 classes and a class can be completed over two years if students benefit from additional time to consolidate skills. Examinations are only written for the AET Mathematics and English if the student demonstrates that they are ready.

Other services that we offer include parent support workshops and regular social outings. We also have access to a referral base of qualified medical practitioners and therapists who assist with assessments, diagnosis and treatment of various conditions. Oak House Vocational Academy aims to forge strong networks with our families, surrounding communities and schools.

We foster a sense of self-worth, confidence and independence in our students, and believe that learners who have the potential and desire to work and to live a ‘regular’ life, but who lack the ability to gain certification or accreditation, have value to add to our communities and deserve an chance to become functional, contributing members of society. My team and I look forward to meeting with you and giving you the opportunity to visit our Academy premises and to see our students at work.

Best wishes,
Kerry Caldeira

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